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    Kein Verkauf alkoholischer Getränke an Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren.

    “Puristic, straightforward and clear”:

    This is what distinguishes our wines. That's why we don't see any need to create or follow trends. Skill, knowledge, experience - but also intuition and passion are the ingredients that give our wines an unmistakable character. First and foremost, they have to convince us. The growing enthusiasm for the elegant, Burgundian style of our wines shows that a large number of wine connoisseurs do not want to miss out on this taste experience.

    Quality has many facets:

    For us, quality is defined by the ideal that we have of outstanding wines. An ideal picture that always presents itself a little differently and certainly cannot really be achieved. What remains is the goal of coming as close as possible to this idea. In order to achieve this, special parameters are required.


    Physiological Maturity:

    Natural cultivation, healthy soil and vines, traditional harvesting of grapes that are ripe to the point but not overripe and gentle processing are the prerequisites for the creation of great wines for us. But to achieve our goals, it takes more: courage to experiment, fun at work and passion for wine.

    Yield regulation:

    Quality or quantity: In principle, every winegrower is faced with this decision. A decision that in our WeinGut is clearly in favor of quality. Only by consistently reducing yields can high-quality wines with an intense taste be produced.



    Doing the right thing at the right time is one of the most important factors in the production of high-quality wines. When and when a work step is announced and when patience is required plays an important role. It often makes more sense to give a young wine another year to mature than to rush it to the market.


    More than 30 years of experience, know-how and intuition are what guide us when it comes to recognizing the special features of a vintage early on and incorporating them into the processing of the grapes and wine production. Gut feeling, innovation and the courage to try the unusual sometimes provide pleasant surprises.

    Traditional winemaking:

    True to the principle "less is more", we also consistently pursue our quality philosophy in the manufacturing process and give preference to traditional, gentle processing. This includes not using pure yeast and pressing in the form of "open mash fermentation" for red wine, as well as aging in old and new oak barrels made of French oak.

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