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Weingut Paul Schumacher
Weinreben Ahrtal

With 5 hectares of vineyards, we are not one of the big ones. And that's just as well. Size often entails compromises in order to keep the balance between input and yield, quantity and quality. There is not always enough time for a good wine to mature. Our concern is to get the best out of every vine, every grape and to give the wine time to grow. We do not understand size as an area. 

Cultivation close to nature, healthy soil, healthy vines and a consistent reduction in yield geared towards high quality is the basis for the creation of outstanding wines. The fact that two thirds of our vines are between 40 and 75 years old is of course important.

Best locations

Walporzheimer Kräuterberg

Marienthaler Trotzenberg

Ahrweiler Silberberg

Ahrweiler Rosenthal

Leutesdorfer Gartenlay (Rhine)

Grape Varieties

70% Pinot Noir

15% Riesling

12% pinot noir

3% Merlot





Anne und Paul Schumacher

In the plant kingdom, the vine alone gives us an understanding of what the earth really tastes like. In the grape he feels the secrets of the soil, in the grape he pronounces them. 


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