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Flood 2021

Millennium flood destroys our beloved winery.

We are deeply shocked by the catastrophe that destroyed the Ahr Valley on July 14, 2021, countless livelihoods and numerous lives and mourn with everyone who, like us, lost friends and relatives to the tsunami.
We will never forget that horrible night. The tidal wave destroyed the entire winery and our apartment and we are very grateful that we were able to climb onto the roof and escape the flood. The water has thrown us back on ourselves, reduced to the essentials, mere existence.

The extent of the destruction is only now, after a few days, tangible. Everything is completely devastated, our apartment is no longer habitable. Our existence, our livelihood, our homes have been washed away, leaving what remains covered in a thick layer of mud.

Unfortunately, like many of those affected, we have not taken out the necessary additional insurance, so we are now doing everything we can to get the wine stock out of the mud and hope to use the income for the next few months and - if enough comes together - to lay the foundation for a new future place. The great willingness to help that we encounter is very touching and encouraging not to give up. We hope it continues.

We are incredibly grateful for the many helping hands that actively support us and your many messages and offers of help.

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