With five hectares of vineyards we don’t count amongst the larger wineries of the Ahr valley. And that’s just as well. Large vineyards often have to compromise in order to balance input & output, and quantity & quality. Sometimes this results in the wine not being given enough time to develop its full potential. Our intention is to get the best out of every single vine and every single grape, and to give our wine all the time it needs to develop. Our understanding of being great is not related to size.

The prerequisites for exceptional wine are natural cultivation, healthy soil and vines, as well as consistently reducing the yield focusing purely on quality. The fact that three-quarters of our vines are between 40 – 75 years old clearly works in our favor.

New wines:
In 2014 we took over two excellent vineyards at Leutesdorf, located along the Rhine Valley – our first expansion outside of our home region – and thereby supplemented our white wine offering by two different types of Riesling.

Size of vineyards:
5,0 ha

Top locations:
Walporzheimer Kräuterberg
Marienthaler Trotzenberg
Ahrweiler Silberberg
Ahrweiler Rosenthal
Leutesdorfer Gartenlay (Rhein)

Slate, Greywacke

Grape varieties:
70 % Pinot Noir
15 % Riesling
12 % Pinot Madelaine (variety of Pinot Noir)
3 % Merlot

Average yield:
50 hl / ha