Delicious accompaniments to our wines. We follow the same philosophy with our seasonal restaurant as we do with our wines. We strive to create what our ideal image is of delicious and extraordinary food to pair with our wines. When combining the joy for creative design with the courage to experiment and a passion for cooking, dishes and food variations are being created which are not normally found in a seasonal restaurant. Whatever the kitchen comes up with will not be served unless it has convinced the very critical palates of our family.


We are delighted that our wine tavern on our favourite meadow in the vineyards was so popular last year. That's why we will be there for you again in the summer of 2023.

Above the winery, in unspoilt nature, we await you with our wines to drink, taste, buy and a small, changing selection of culinary delights. An option for joyful moments!

01 July - 29 October, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 hrs.
Footpath from winery to our tavern in the meadows (approx. 20 min)

New Olive oil from Crete

During a short vacation in Crete we came across this lovely olive oil produced by a small cooperative. We loved it so much, that we simply brought it back with us for you.

It comes from Zakros, a small, tranquil village in the east of Crete with a 4000-year-old tradition in olive oil production. Under optimal climatic and soil conditions, huge olive trees of the variety "Koroneiki" grow here: the Cretan gold.

We witnessed the pressing of the first olive harvest of 2014. The oil was extracted very gently in cool temperatures of under 27° C . Although legal and common practice elsewhere, the oil was not mixed with other oils of lesser quality, but bottled pure.

We managed to persuade the team of the cooperative to keep one batch unfiltered for us. Because as we know from the wine production: whenever you filter, you take away “good stuff”, and purely for aesthetic reasons. Since then, we only used the oil from Zakros in the preparation of all our dishes and we will have several bottles at hand should you wish to purchase some to take home for yourself. Of course you will be able to sample the oil to see for yourself whether we are promising too much.

The produce of the December 2022 harvest has arrived. Pressed from the first olives of the latest harvest we are once again completely convinced by its freshness and all sorts of flavors which only the highest quality olive oils can claim for themselves. For us, it is “the best olive oil in the world”. Please try for yourself.

As a meal it began. And a feast it became, one hardly knows how.
The tall flames licked, the voices carried,
tangled songs clinked from glass and gleam, and finally from these ripe beats
a dance arose. And everyone ravished in it.
Waves went through these halls, meeting one another and choosing one another,
Goodbyes and rediscoveries, enjoying the glamor and blinded by the lights and swaying in the summer winds that run through warm women’s clothing.
From dark wine and a thousand roses the hour runs whooshing into the dream of the night.

(Rainer Maria Rilke)
We support the idea of Slow Food.
Our special grill in the wine tavern in the meadows
Time for pleasure with a view of the vineyard