Millennium flood destroys our beloved vineyard
We are deeply shocked by the catastrophe that destroyed the Ahr valley, countless livelihoods and numerous lives on 14 July 2021 and mourn with all those who, like us, lost friends and relatives to the floods.
We will never forget that terrible night. The tidal wave destroyed the entire winery and our home and we are very grateful that we were able to save ourselves on the roof and escape the flood and death. The water threw us back on ourselves, reduced to the essentials, the pale existence.

I would like to help

The extent of the destruction is only tangible now, after a few days. Everything is completely devastated, our flat no longer habitable. Our existence, our livelihood, our home were washed away, what remained covered with a thick layer of mud.

Unfortunately, like many of those affected, we did not take out the necessary additional insurance, so we are now doing everything we can to salvage the wine stock from the mud and hope to use the income to cover the next few months and - if enough is collected - to lay the foundations for a new future. The great willingness to help that we encounter is very touching and encouraging not to give up. We hope that it will continue.

We are incredibly grateful for the many helping hands that actively support us and your many messages and offers of help.

This is how you can help us now:

Order our wine.
Perhaps this will be the last vintage from the Paul Schumacher winery. We charge an increased price for the bottles to save our existence. The additional amount will be shown accordingly on the invoice as a donation. Please understand that the delivery will take a little longer than usual. Should anyone not want to or be able to pay this amount, please write to us.
Please send orders to:

Besides your wine orders, we are very happy about additional, of course voluntary donations. They help us to rebuild our existence. If you would like to donate, we ask you to make a separate bank transfer with the subject "Support Ahrflood 2021"
... to our emergency help account*

IBAN: DE46 5775 1310 1000 5631 46 (Anne Schumacher-Noack)
Kreissparkasse Ahrweiler

... or via PayPal

Give us your contact details.
Give us contact details of you and your friends who like our wine, as unfortunately we have lost all customer details.
We would appreciate an email

We very much hope, with your help, to sit together again soon over a good glass of wine.

* the bank account for wine shopping is still

IBAN: DE89 5776 1591 0051 3017 00
Volksbank RheinAhrEifel
Our house: The tree on the terrace had to be cut down because it was blocking the entrance.
The dining room of the Seasonal restaurant. The water had washed the fridge up against the ceiling light, where it was still hanging after the flood wave had gone.
The office was not accessible. Files and office material lay under a 20 cm thick layer of mud. All the files were soaked.
Our wine warehouse, where bottles packed in cardboard boxes are normally stored, was full of flotsam. The ceiling partially collapsed and the cardboard wine boxes disintegrated.